Thursday, January 5, 2012

Planning, Planning, Planning

Well, so far we have the place, the caterer, the cake, a friend designing the invitations, & my dress in the works.

We have a meeting with a photographer hopefully we will get a good feeling about and consultations with 3 florists next week.

I'm still stressing about the girls dresses but Kim & I are going to go looking tomorrow. I'm not really much of a fan of the traditional bridesmaids dresses, even the ones where they are different styles/same colors or different colors/same style. There is nothing wrong with that, it just isn't what I imagine for my wedding. I'm looking for dresses that each girl would pick for themselves but in the color scheme of we have chosen for the wedding. And, to be honest, with what I am seeing in the blogosphere, the days of the traditional dress is fading & it is becoming very popular to have dresses of different styles & different colors. It was actually fairly common during WWII for bridesmaids not to match. One reason for this is, many weddings were planned in just a matter of days during a soldier's shore leave so they just didn't really have time to shop around. Another reason was due to financial woes & rationing. Most bridesmaids would just wear the best dress they owned or one they had worn to another wedding. During this time, the wedding was more about the marriage than about the show...I like that.

Something else common to 1940's weddings was that family members donated baking goods like flour, sugar, & eggs so that the bride could bake the celebratory cake.

So, we have a few tasks left (decide on ceremony music/musicians, choose florist, choose photographer, get bridesmaids dresses, get guys outfits, etc...). Once we get the big things out of the way, I'll feel a little more relaxed, however, I'll probably get those out of the way to work on the "little tasks" only to find I've delayed time wise that now the "little" task is now a "HUGE" task. Oh well. It will all be fine. If I've learned nothing over the last couple of years it is that, "it all works out in the end." It won't really matter. I want to have a nice party, a nice time & everything to go well, but in the end, all that will matter it that I will be married to my best friend for life. :)

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  1. So exciting! Most of the weddings I've been to, the bridesmaids all had different shapes, skin tones, heights, etc. and rarely is there a dress that flatters everyone!!