Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Going Postal

Well, most of the big things are taken care of now.
My dress...ordered
Anthony's suit...ordered
Girls' dresses...ordered
Flowers...um....still waiting for one more quote deciding
Invites....hahaha...this was the most stressful of all...I will never forget the invites....story to follow

I kept thinking that when the big things were taken care of my stress would ease up a bit. Several people alluded that it wouldn't but I didn't listen. Well....they were so right.

Now, I must explain I am quite a bit of a pushover. I never get confrontational with people, much less places of business. I try to be as kind as I can, however, I have permanent foot prints on my back from being walked all over. Well, that all changed recently. I finally hit my limit. And the person/business that finally pushed Kristy over the edge? The United States Postal Service. After this, I KNOW that all the problems with the world must stem from the USPS.

The story starts last Thursday. I ran into the post office to purchase post card stamps. Easy enough task one would postulate. I walked up to the desk, told the man at the desk that I needed a roll of regular stamps, and then asked him if he had post card stamps. He reached for his drawer & then paused & asked me, "You do know the price is going up on Sunday, right?"

I said, "No."

He asked, "Do you plan on sending the out by Sunday?" I told him no. But he just kept standing there.

I then, getting a bit annoyed, said, "Are you telling me that I should wait until Monday to purchase the new stamps?" And he replied in the affirmative.

I asked him if they didn't already have some of the new ones & he said no. Irritated, I grabbed the roll of stamps & started to walk out. Then he called after me, "You owe me!"

I returned to the desk & handed him my credit card. Then, in an uncharacteristic act of myself, I placed my elbow on the counter & dropped my head into my hands...clearly distraught. I'm sure the guy thought, "Wow! She is really getting upset over some postcard stamps. I better get her out of here before she goes nuts."

Fast forward though the weekend & my small breakdown with Anthony & his mom to Monday...the day I really lost it.

On Monday, Anthony went to the Fort Worth Post Office & they informed him that they did not have any of the new postcard stamps. If he wanted them, he would have to buy the old stamps & a $0.03 stamp. The interesting part here is that the stamps only increased by $0.01. So, typical of the government, they were trying to scam us out of $0.02.

Anthony called me & let me know what happened & suggested I should call the post office first. I started with the closest, the Flower Mound Post Office. I asked them if they had the new stamps. They said no. I then told them that I had been told to come back on Monday for the new stamps. At that point she got very agitated at me & started in with "Mam, mam. No one here would have promised that to you." Her town irritated me to no end.

Now, at this point, I would normally back down & thank her for her time & hang up. But, not this day. I had hit my ceiling. So, I said, "So, you are telling me that you guys are unprepared?"

She then starts almost yelling that that is not her department. And, saying, "No one would have told you that we would have them on Monday."

To which, I said, "You wouldn't know what was said, seeing that you were not the one I spoke with."

She responded saying, "We all say the same thing. No one would tell you that. That is just not true."

Barely able to control myself, I hung up on her.

I was shaking...almost on the verge of tears. So, I called Lewisville Post Office. A guy answered who was very nice, very respectful, & very helpful. He told me they didn't have any stamps but then offered to call a couple of other places for me. He came back & said that he couldn't find any at his resources either. He suggested I call the Dallas PO or the airport PO. I asked him if I didn't have any results there what could he suggest. I asked him if they had the old postage in case I had no other choice but to double stamp them. He put me on hold & went to talk to his supervisor. He was going to transfer me to her but then when he came back to the phone he told me they had just gotten their order for the new stamps in. I was so excited.

When I got to the PO, they told me they did not have the new stamps. I told them "That's funny because I called earlier & was told you had gotten them in this morning."

At that point she said, "Oh! I'm telling you wrong. Hold on." I think they had been told to tell everyone they didn't have them until they had used up the old ones but decided to make an exception for me. Hehe. ;)

So, I would like to officially recommend & brag on the Lewisville Post Office & criticize harshly the Flower Mound Post Office & their unprofessionalism & rudeness. (On a side note, I went to the FMPO today to drop off the invites & over heard one lady filing a complaint with the PO & another lady mumbling under her breath about something they had either done or changed. So, I don't really think that my outburst was just me, my hormones, or stress levels. I think there is something seriously wrong with that post office & their customer service.)

I guess, I can't really blame the dogs desire to chase the mailman now.

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