Thursday, December 11, 2014


November was a blast.

We went to the 2014 Board Game Geek Convention in Dallas. So much fun. I (Kristy) didn't have a break down from social anxiety this year. Yay! I only got really moody once (that I can remember) but it was super late at night. :)

I played 38 games in 5 days. Anthony played 33. Anthony volunteered in the library for an hour and went to a charity auction for a couple of hours, so I was able to play a few more than him. 

If you would like to see all the games I played, click here. Games I would highly recommend include:
Playing Las Vegas

  • Black Fleet (pirates...need I say more)
  • Colt Express (very cool game with a cool "board")
  • 7 Steps (pretty abstract...not in America yet)
  • Machi Koro (we already owned this one but it is worth mentioning)
  • Robinson Crusoe (extremely difficult co-op game but very cool)
  • Hot Tin Roof (very similar to Ticket To Ride but maybe a little simpler...I liked it)
  • Paperback (kind of like Scrabble mixed with Dominion...if you know what Dominion is)
  • Planes (like Mancala but with a twist)
  • Mysterium (similar to Dixit...also not in America yet)
  • Alchemists (cool use of new technology...iPhone)
  • Eight Minute Empire (quick, light Euro)
Anthony, Alejandro, Jordan, & me
One night we went with a group to Hard Eight BBQ. It was pretty good, not my all time favorite BBQ place but it is seriously hard to compete with Prairie House...mmmmm....

After staying up past 2 am four nights in a row, we were exhausted when we got home. I was super irritable and ready to fight somebody for two days after that. I even risked going to a post office I had an incident at about 3 years ago but this time was much nicer despite my attitude. ;)

I'm starting to recognize a theme. I would like to ask all two of my readers to please remember me in your prayers. I need God to work on my attitude. 

We spent Thanksgiving with Anthony's family in Paris...Paris, TX, that is. We had a great time and so much delicious food. 

The day after Thanksgiving we all went out to the bottoms on the Red River. A lot of them spent several hours riding four wheelers over the dunes. Anthony's aunt made chili and hot cocoa. We roasted hot dogs over a camp fire and made a campfire dump cake. I had never had a dump cake, much less one made over a campfire and, oh man, was is delicious!

Now December is in full swing. We went to the Denton Tree Lighting and had funnel cakes. Anthony and I are really starting to feel at home in Denton. We tend to run into people we know when in stores or out at community events.

We had our own little tree lighting event of ourselves the other night. We watched Mickey's Christmas Carol and A Muppet's Christmas Carol while decorating the tree and mantle. It was a nice cozy evening just the two of us.

Have a merry Christmas everyone!