Saturday, May 3, 2014

It's May!

May 1st we woke up to 36 degrees! Nuts! Later that afternoon, it was in the 70's & felt great. The next day, it got up into the 90's. Gotta love Texas springs. :) Don't gotta love the allergies it leads too. :P

This month it the month our business will be fully established. We have both completed the required Texas Food Handlers training. Monday, we will go get our food handlers cards, register the business with the county and state, get our sales tax ID number, and open our business bank account. Once that is complete, we will be able to apply with the Denton Community Market as a vender. I still need to work with our friend to design us a logo, create some business cards, price our goodies, make labels for the goodies, and finish the website.

So far, some of the recipes we have ready are a chocolate chip cookie, white chocolate cherry cookie, corn cookie (sounds odd but is amazing), a chocolate chunk toffee cookie, a cream scone, a white chocolate cherry cream scone, a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie, a cookie we will probably call Kitchen Sink cookie, a focaccia bread, a French baguette, and a spice brownie. We are working on a chocolate cookie, a brown sugar cookie, a molasses cookie, an oatmeal cookie, among a few others.

As far as the home goes, things are getting cleaner. I'm still avoiding my arch-nemisis, the office. I will conquer that room someday...I will!

So, here is the menu for this next month. I did forget that I will be in Arkansas partying it up with my Granny in Arkansas for a few days this month, however, I never feel bad when we don't get to one of the day's plan. It just makes next month easier to plan for. :)

We actually did not have the Potato & Sausage Breakfast Popover Casserole today, after all so that will be saved for another day. Instead, I made White Chocolate and Cherry Cream Scones for breakfast. They are delicious & one of the products that we hope to sell. :)

Today my husband replaced the light fixture in our entry way. It is so bright but looks so nice! Now I just need to decorate the walls around the entry way. The seem even more empty now with all this light. :)

In other news, I took dad to the airport on Friday (yesterday) & he made it to Anchorage. Soon my parents will have their first grandchild, Kim and Jonathan will have their first child, and I'll be an aunt for the first time! I cannot wait to meet Elijah!