Tuesday, June 3, 2014


May was such an emotional month. I have a blog post drafted about it but I'm not sure I'll post it. A friend from Twitter lost his wife and I really took it hard. They were married about a year before we were & are about the same age as us. She found out she had cancer, looked like she was going to beat it, and then they found another type of cancer. She was an amazing woman and her and her husband are amazingly strong in the Faith. I cannot wait to meet her when I go Home. 

The best news though...I'm an aunt!!! Elijah was born a week early and then spent a week in the NICU but is much better now. My amazing sister labored for 35 hrs! I haven't gotten to meet him in person yet but I will be in June! Can Not Wait!

I also got to spend several very nice days on the Arkansas/Mississippi border with my Granny. We had a really nice time relaxing in a gorgeous old home on the lake, couple of trips to Sonic for Granny's favorite pineapple slush, a little shopping, and a nice picnic in the park. I missed Anthony very much but it was really nice to spend some quality time with her.

One of my three beautiful sisters-in-law graduated from high school as well. Congrats to her on that!

So, here is the menu for this month. Several of these days won't happen because I will be out of town so Anthony will have to fend for himself. :( 

We've decided to hold off on starting Kapp's Kitchen in full force until after we return from Alaska. In July, we hope to hit the ground running. Still have to get back to our amazing friend, Jordan, on what we want for a logo...never thought this would be the most difficult thing to decide, apply to sale at the Denton Community Market, order a cabana and packaging supplies, and create business cards and labels. So exciting, though!

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