Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 2015

January was relatively quite for us. It was nice. I finally got most of the house cleaned & organized after being sick and the holidays. Anthony installed new lighting under the cabinets in the kitchen and put together a bookshelf for our bedroom. I moved all our books (except the cook books) from the living room & into the bedroom so that we could fill the bookshelves in the living room with our board games. What we learned is that either we need more bookshelves (& a bigger house for them to go in) or we can't buy anymore games for a while. :) On an unrelated note, if you like the looks of our bedroom furniture and you have a way of hauling it, we can make you a very good deal on it. :)

New bookshelf in our bedroom.
Our games are taking over.
But what has really made us feel like our house is now a home is the purchase of a lamp. It is so weird that that one little thing has made our living room so much more cozy and homey. :)
January 18th was our first official service as The Church at Pecan Creek. We held it at our future site, Pecan Creek Elementary, and will be meeting there once every two months until we move there permanently in August. It was a great service. We are really starting to make some close friendships. It is very exciting for us two introverts to make friends. :)
Pastor Trey Talley
We visited Malta for a few days and shelled some pecans. Anthony made pecan chicken & pork chops that was amazing.
Other than that and a couple of game nights, January was pretty quite. Seemed so much busier at the time but when I look back, it seems less impressive. ;)

I did say last time that I would discuss my goals for this year. I still plan on doing that. I've got them written out but I am still thinking about how I want to talk about them here. :)

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