Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 2015

Easter Sunday

I'm more than a little late this month. :) Oh well.

April was a busy month for us.

Easter was very nice. Anthony was a little disappointed because he was unable to sing in the Easter choir at church due to a throat infection. He is much better now but it had the potential to turn serious at one point. 

It was both of our birthdays, so we celebrated pretty big this year. In honor of both our birthdays, Valentines Day, & our anniversary, we took a short trip to Disney World. We only stayed three days but we were more exhausted from those three days than we were when we went for eight. We tracked our steps while we were there as well and found out we were averaging between 12-14 miles per day. For someone who gets in probably less than two miles (maybe three if I go for a walk), that is quite a workout. 

Anthony trying Beijing Strawberries
Spring is when Epcot hosts it's Flower and Garden Festival. They have started adding food booths at this festival as well, now. So we got the best of both worlds this year: the beautiful flowers and the tasty food. :) The best thing we had, by far, were what they called Beijing Strawberries. Man, they were good! It was three gigantic strawberries on a skewer, encapsulated in a hardened sugar/syrup shell, and sprinkled with sesame seeds. I didn't really think it sounded good but it was AMAZING! We sat down to eat it and we were getting several stares and a few people asked us where we got them. We should have gotten paid a commission fee for as many people as we sent to the booth. Ha!

It rained two of the three days we were there. Hard, torrential rains.
Waiting in the rain to ride Splash Mountain
But, it kept everything fairly cool, so we didn't complain. The first day we got to Florida, we check in at our hotel and then headed to the park. We had a fast pass to ride Splash Mountain. We were about to step into the next boat when they shut the ride down due to the storm passing over. Luckily, I had insisted on bringing our ponchos that day so we stayed much dryer than most of the rest of the people in line. We waited there for over an hour and then just decided to leave our ponchos on for the ride. Ha. 

We love Disney but we made some decisions on this trip:
  1. We will only visit Disney every five years or so. That way there are a decent amount of changes between visits and we will really appreciate the trips more.
  2. We will save up in order to pay extra to stay at Coronado Springs. Pop Century is fine, its a bed & that's really all you need. But, it is still pretty expensive and if you are going to stay on property and pay that much money, it feels like more of a vacation staying at a place where you will always get a seat on the bus and will never have to wait for a second bus to show up. Coronado Springs just has such fewer people at it. Granted, it is the only conference center at Disney World (that I know of) so you may want to make sure you go when there isn't a major conference going on because I'm sure it really gets crowded.
  3. Unless we have grandparents or other help, we will never take children under eight. Our minds may actually change once we have kids but for now, they would have to be some very mature kids to convince me to take them. ;)
I may make a few posts about Disney, tips, and recommendations later but for now, here are a few more pics from our trip. Enjoy. :)
Leaving the Haunted Mansion 
Magic Kingdom's Wishes firework show
Outside Be Our Guest restaurant. You can see
Beast's castle in the upper left hand corner of the pic. 
Riding Expedition Everest
Anthony in front of Spaceship Earth. Goofy & Pluto topiaries gardening. 
These crazy ladies were driving around handing out maps & talking to people.
Anthony trying a cronut
Captain Hook
"Never smile at a crocodile..."
Macaron Guimauve a la Fraise
(Strawberry Marshmallow Macaron)
Beijing Strawberries
Lightening McQueen
Sunset outside our hotel room.
Exhausted but happy to be back home.
Being inspired by all the flowers & gardens, I turned my awesome
Spaceship Earth mug into a succulent garden.

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