Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Here it is September is over and I never posted. Oh well. ;)

I really can't remember much about August anymore...I'm guessing it was hot & is Texas. ;)

One cool world-traveler.
This past month, Jonathan, Kim, and Elijah came in for a whirlwind trip. They were here a few days, then took off to the Cayman Islands with Mom and Dad for a much needed trip and to see one of Kim's wonderful college friends get married. We got to see them again last night after picking them up at the airport.

Kapp's Kitchen has been getting a lot of encouraging comments lately and we have had a little business. We are going to be doing pies at Thanksgiving and Christmas so that should really pick things up. Also,...praline season is coming up and that is one thing that the people at church are already asking us about. We are working on getting our fall menu up, but I would certainly suggest our molasses cookies. They are so soft and yummy, and it makes our house smell like Christmas when we are baking them. :D

I started BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) this past month. I have never been a part of this and only heard about it about a year ago when my mom and Granny started attending and telling me about it. I am really enjoying it so far. It is one of those studies that you get as much as you put into it. Anyone who knows me, knows I tend to write...a LOT. So, while everyone comes to class with their little sheet of questions over the study the previous week and they all have answered the questions on the pages that the questions were typed on, I walk in with my giant notebook of about 10 pages of notes/answers. I know I turn red every time I have to flip the page of my notebook and everyone else is just sitting there with their nice, neat paper. Everyone probably thinks I'm nuts. LOL

I met one girl in my group at BSF who lives pretty close to us. Her and her husband have only been married just over a year and moved here last December. They don't have any kids yet and she is a stay-at-home wife right now. So, we are talking about becoming walking buddies. We also had a newlywed couple move in across the street a couple of weeks ago. They seem to be a really sweet, Christian couple and he is part of the youth ministry at a Baptist church up the street. So, maybe one of these days we will have them all over...maybe even start a little game group. :)

In the next few months, Anthony and I may start trying to practice hospitality more often. We would like to have a small group to actually start a little, regular game group, too. Our house is so tiny but I think we could manage to move some furniture around, set up some card tables, and actually be able to fit 5 or 6 couples.

I did do a menu for September but we did not do too well sticking to it, so you may see some of the same meals planned for October. If you want to see it, you can click here. I'm trying to keep all these on line so that I can just reuse them later. At the end of the year, I should have an entire year of monthly menus that I can go back to when I don't have time or the motivation to make one. :)

Here is this month's menu. Hopefully, we will be better about sticking to it this month. :)

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