Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How We Met

A couple of years ago, Kristy joined a group on YouTube. She met several great people including Alejandro & Jordan (before they had met). She saw a video that Alejandro had posted & saw an adorable geeky looking fellow in the video. She thought about asking Alejandro about him but figured he wouldn't be interested in her.
Two years later, Kristy had pretty much abandoned YouTube but decided to use her Twitter account more regularly. One day Twitter suggested Anthony follow Kristy. After Kristy checked out his Tumblr page she got very excited about this cute boy talking about how much he liked Doctor Who (a British scifi show). She didn't want to get her hopes up but thought, "Wow, what if I could get this boy to pay attention to me."
One day, Alejandro posted something about annoying his best friend (Anthony) & wanted his Twitter friends to annoy him as well. Kristy decided to use this as an opportunity to see if she could get his attention. 
A little flirting went back & forth and eventually a couple of phone conversations and then, a very nerve-wracking first date. 
Anthony & Kristy met in person on Friday, Sep. 3, 2010 on Main St. in Grapevine, TX. They had a lovely dinner at a seafood restaurant, followed by a walk, & then yogurt. Neither of them wanted the date to end but it was late. However, it was Labor Day weekend so they decided to make another date that Monday. It was the best Labor Day ever!

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